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Architectural Lighting in St. Louis

Buying a home is a long and tedious process. Homeowners can spend years trying to find a property that suits their specific needs. They can also place additional time, money and energy into remodeling and creating the perfect place to come home and unwind every day. The problem is that when you get home from work and the sun has gone down, your beautiful home is left hiding in the shadows of the night.


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis can install a custom outdoor lighting system that will allow you and your family to admire your home at any time – day or night. We will take your property’s unique architecture and landscape into account and then design and install an architectural lighting system that will accentuate your home’s texture, color, and depth. Whether it is terracotta, stucco, stone, timber, or plank, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will use high quality fixtures to illuminate your property’s architectural features.


This architectural lighting system provides you with affordable low-voltage outdoor lighting options such as LED lights and halogen lights. Additionally, our high quality fixtures use lights that consume less electricity compared to standard lights, allowing you to be energy efficient and cut costs. After we have installed your outdoor lighting system, you will be provided with excellent continual service including warranty and maintenance plans.

We are the experts in architectural lighting in St. Louis. We will collaborate with you to professionally design, install, and maintain an outdoor lighting system that will accentuate the home’s most attractive features and transform its façade.

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