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Landscape Lighting

We are the premier landscape lighting company in St. Louis! Outdoor Lighting is What We Do. It’s All We Do. So you know when you contact us for design, installation, or service, you’re getting the best of the best.

Best St Louis landscape Lighting Landscape lighting is more than just an accessory to your property. Our professional, energy efficient LED lighting installations allow you to illuminate and enhance your walkways, paths, landscapes, gardens, and those special or unique statement pieces.

Landscape lighting extends the full potential of your property, captivating and showcasing the beauty of your landscape while keeping your family and friends safe well after the sun has gone down.


St Louis Path Lighting InstallationIlluminating paths and driveways allow homeowners to rest easy at night knowing they are creating a safe environment for their friends and family.

Ensure that your home or workplace is a continuous asset, not a liability by lighting up paths, steps, rails, and driveways. This will allow residents and visitors to navigate around your property with ease, and keep potential burglars at bay.


Showcase your property by illuminating surrounding trees, gardens, and that unique statue or water feature with our solid copper and brass garden lights.

Highlight the tops of your trees with fixtures at its base, or create a subtler “moonlight” effect with fixtures placed high in the trees shooting down through the branches.

You can even set the mood by choosing between landscape lighting colors, creating either a soft and romantic setting or a warm and vibrant one.

landscape lighting installation

We are the experts in landscape lighting in St. Louis. We will collaborate with you to properly and efficiently design, install, and maintain an outdoor lighting system that will make your home or business shine. Call us today for a free design consultation at 636-561-1818.

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Jim Schwartz in Lake Saint Louis, MO on Houzz
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